Since its inception in 2003, vocal octet Octarium, based in Kansas City, has gained a national reputation for performances suffused with what composer Morton Lauridsen called, “stunning artistry combined with an absolutely beautiful blending of voices.” These voices come together each holiday season for highly anticipated live performances and by special arrangement.


Octarium has produced and recorded four highly acclaimed recordings -- Octarium, Hodie, Essentials and Modern Masters.


Octarium continues to evolve but has never changed its vision and mission:


Octarium is Latin for “Eight as One,” and the name defines our vision: Eight Singers, One Choral Voice.


Octarium is committed to fostering and promoting the development and appreciation of the art of choral music through innovative and engaging programming, seeking to inspire, enlighten, and educate.





Octarium's portable music stands are provided

                                      courtesy of Desca, Inc.