arr. Jonathan Crutchfield

Awa yiori Baba gbojule
We are glad we have a Father to trust
Awa yiori Baba fehenti
We are glad we have a Father to rely on
Nibo labi Jesu
Where was Jesus born?
Nibo lagbe bii
Where was he born?
Betelehemu ilu ara
In Bethlehem the city of wonder
Nibo labi Baba o daju
That is where the Father was born for sure
Iyin nifuno
Praise be to Him
Adupe fun o jooni
We thank you for the day
Baba oloreo
Gracious Father
Iyin fun o Baba
Praise to you Father
Baba toda wasi
Merciful Father



This piece was performed on Octarium’s Holidays with Octarium, December 2004.